The Chabad Business Group brings together a diverse collection of community professionals ranging from lawyers, accountants, finance professionals, real estate brokers, NPOs, jewelers, and other members of the business community. Our breakfast meetings are not only informative on numerous topics but it gives everyone an opportunity to connect, network, build, and maintain friendships with honest and productive members of the community.

Rabbi Shua has done an amazing job in creating such a lively and diverse group. May it continue to grow!

-Benjamin F


The Chabad Squad delivers! The monthly meeting includes intimate interaction with a select group of business representatives. In fact, I have already received my first referrals. Everyone is there to help.

Friendly, businesslike and productive. I look forward to every meeting!

-David K


What fun. Combining business with a little Torah and breakfast. A great combination. It has already helped my business and my knowledge of Torah. Looking forward to the next one.

-Mark R


Having the chance to meet with a group of local businessmen and women on a regular basis in an intimate setting fosters the type of real relationship growth that makes networking valuable. In just a few months, I’ve made connections that have proven valuable to me personally and to my business.

-An anonymous participant 


You’ve heard the statement, “You can learn something new every day”.  At the Chabad Northbrook’s Business Group, that’s a good place to start. Every attendee offers something that’s insightful and thought provoking. I urge all to come to see and hear for themselves.  

-Abby H


Rabbi Greenspan asked me a couple of months ago to attend a networking group he was putting together at Chabad.  I attended and was thrilled to meet other Jewish business owners and professionals in the area. I have since attended several times and have had the opportunity to build business relationships, make new friends and contribute to a community of Jewish business leaders and professionals. I look forward to meeting new people and to continue to develop business relationships with other members of the group.

-Jeremy K


Though new to the networking business group from the Chabad in Northbrook started by Rabbi Shua Greenspan, I was warmly welcomed by the group.  I have met interesting business men that I didn’t know previously and believe that this opportunity will benefit the Simon Wiesenthal Center as we continue to grow in Chicago.

-Alison S